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Made in USA
Why Healit™

“In compression we trust”.

Healit™ is a division of The Dome Companies. Established in the 1940’s, Dome Companies expertise in specific niche markets has grown to include a family of unique, high-quality items made in the USA and designed to help you live, feel and work better.

The Dome Companies’ new Healit™ brand benefits from over 70 years of design and innovation experience which has led to the creation of the ultimate performance wrap systems that allow the wearer to live and perform in comfort, with confidence.

Healit™ represents the next generation of Sports, Medical, Pet and Utility self-adhesive wrap systems. Our unique systems of compression wraps are designed to prevent injury, protect against re-injury and enhance your performance. On top of that, our tapes are perfect for wrapping virtually anything.

Healit™ recognizes that high quality, compression wrap systems represent a forward shift in innovation and performance in the world of wraps, tapes and bandages. To ensure the finest quality wraps and tapes, we manufacture them in the United States at our Rhode Island headquarters using only the finest materials and cutting edge technology. When it comes to health, well-being and safety, we believe that there should be no compromise.

The Dome Companies has a remarkable heritage and we are proud to see our Healit™ brand protect our future.