Treating Runner’s Knee with Compression

Knee injuries are the most common and often the most debilitating injuries faced by active people. However, by using compression wrapping techniques, you can help to prepare your body to prevent injuries and protect existing injuries from getting worse. If managed the right way, an injury should not stop you, providing you seek the right advice and use our products in the correct way.

Runner’s Knee (Patellofemoral Knee Syndrome):

This condition is classically characterized by a constant ache underneath your kneecap. The condition links back to movement around the patella or an inability of the tissues surrounding the patella to recover effectively between activity.

Suggested Product: PRO-FOAM®

Take the Healit™ PRO-FOAM® and put it just below the knee
Wrap it around the leg, not too tight but with good tension
Wrap it around about 5-6 times
Roll it up the knee so the band sits between the kneecap and the notch right below it

For more application instructions, watch our how-to video here.