Finding the right CrossFit gym is really important and these days not necessarily altogether that straight forward.  This is thanks to the sheer number of gyms popping up all across the country.

So, what are the important considerations when choosing the right CrossFit gym for you?

For many people starting out in CrossFit it can all be a little daunting so on your first few visits, it is important to find somewhere with a good amount of space so you can hone your technique. You will be able to get the feel for the intensity of training without feeling like you are getting in the way.

Space is equally as important as your progress with your CrossFit development. As you learn the ropes and grow in confidence, having space means you can move around the stations at speed and without the fear of tripping over someone or having to drop the intensity by waiting for some space to come free!

There is nothing more annoying than working up the motivation to have a killer CrossFit session only to get to your gym and find that all the equipment is being used. Even if you could do a session, you know you would spend half your time waiting for your turn on the kettlebells.

Intensity is so important for a great CrossFit session and the only way to maintain intensity is to make sure you can keep active and stick carefully to your well-choreographed routine.

No-one can ever truly master CrossFit and say that they no longer need coaching.  A key tenet of CrossFit is the constant strive to push yourself and never be comfortable and to do this you have to keep your routine fresh and your technique sharp. Both of these things cannot be achieved without great coaching.

Make sure that you always find a coach that you respond well to. Getting fit and pushing yourself to your limits is mentally draining and emotionally challenging. Without the right coach to see you through those self-doubts and dark moments is a sure-fire route to failure. Find a coach that inspires you and that you can develop a rapport with and you’re sure to be a CrossFit winner!

CrossFit is and should be an inherently social affair. Joining classes is all part and parcel of being a great CrossFitter, so when selecting your gym make sure there are plenty of classes at the times that suit you. Availability is equally important as there is nothing more frustrating than signing up to a gym and then finding out that all the classes are booked up. Of course you want the class to be buzzing but you have to be in it to win it!

If you are already a serious CrossFitter then make sure you find a gym that recognizes your abilities and pushes you to get even better! Whatever development you need, whether it is the push you need to compete, or the encouragement to train harder, make sure they have a program that can elevate your CrossFit to the next level.

Don’t just be in the game. Win the game.

If you don’t enjoy going to your gym, chances are that you won’t go. Along with a great team of staff, it is really important to find an engaging and like-minded group of people who use the positive energy they derive from CrossFit and turn it into a positive force for good in their communities.

When you head along to your local gym, find out about what they do for charity. If they jump headlong into proudly telling you about the great things they do, then it’s fair to say that the gym is probably the one for you.

So there you have it. What to look out for when seeking out your CrossFit gym. So what are you waiting for? Go forth and CrossFit!