Swim to Win! 10 Reasons to Take the Plunge…

Did you know that only 5% of Americans swim regularly and that a staggering 50% of the population can’t swim at all? These statistics inspired us to write this blog to encourage people to hit the pool. Let’s see if these 10 compelling reasons can inspire you to take the plunge:

1. Lose Weight
Swimming is a great calorie burner. At 734 calories per hour, it beats walking, cycling and even running.

2. Reduce Stress and Improve Self Esteem:
A survey of 4000 swimmers found that 74% felt less stressed after a swim, while 68% said being in the water helped them to feel better about themselves and 70% felt more mentally refreshed after a swim.

3. Builds Muscle:
Swimming engages most of the muscles in the body simultaneously so it is no wonder that Olympic swimmers have incredible physiques and that someone swimming regularly will be likely to have a toned body than someone that simply heads to the health spa for the sauna.

4. Reduce Your Risk of Injury While Training:
Thanks to the buoyancy of water you only bare about 10% of your weight when swimming. With greater ease of movement, and less strain on bones, joints and muscles, swimming has a lower risk of injury than many other forms of exercise.

5. Improve Your Sleep:
This is a theme that crops up often when we talk about exercise and swimming is certainly no exception. The more you swim the better you sleep. Simple.

6. Improves Your Cardiovascular Fitness:
No doubt about it, swimming will make you fitter. Working those big leg muscles increases your heart capacity while perfecting your breathing increases your lung capacity.

7. Reduces Risk of Disease:
Swimming gives the heart a great work out so is ideal for improving blood flow, which in turn helps control blood sugar levels, lowers blood pressure and reduces levels of bad cholesterol.

8. Acts as a Form of Meditation:
When you are in the pool you tend to enter into your own little world. You can’t talk so therefore all you can really do is listen to your thoughts, shut of from the outside world and mentally de-stress.

9. Improves Your Flexibility:
Swimming is up there with Yoga and Pilates with respect to the way it can improve your range of motion thanks to lengthening the muscles and flexing the joints without putting them under stress.

10. Improves Co-Ordination:
Good technique is vital if you are going to get the most out of swimming for exercise. The great news is that if you can master the technique of swimming, you can master the technique in pretty much all sports. Swimming will help boost your coordination as your brain becomes more in tune with your body.

Swimming is an excellent form of exercise that acts to work all the major muscle groups but in a low impact way. So whether working towards peak fitness or recovering from injury, swimming is an excellent choice. We created Healit™ wrap with swimmers in mind as we made our wraps and tapes super adhesive and water resistant so you can keep your muscles oxygenated and your joints supported, even when you are in the pool.

Like any activity, to benefit from swimming most fully you have to work hard, persevere and above all else make it fun to maintain motivation. To help with this we are offering all swimmers, 25% off any orders for 1 week only when you use our code SWIMTOWIN at checkout.

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Take the plunge and swim to win!