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Measures 2.75 IN x 25 YDS (69.85 mm x 22.86 m)



PRO-FOAM® (short for Protective Foam) is a highly versatile underwrap that provides cushioning under sports pads, athletic tapes, bandages and other cooperative Healit compression wraps. It ensures that you can perform in comfort, with confidence, knowing that your equipment and cooperative wrap systems won’t let you down. PRO-FOAM® is a easy to apply, polyurethane foam underwrap. It is porous, cool and conforms to the contours of your body for supreme comfort. It can also be used as a stylish headband and color coordinated with your outfit or uniform.

PRO-FOAM® measures 2.75 IN x 25 YDS (69.85 mm x 22.86 m)

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Beige, Black, Purple, Red, Pink, Blue, Green


Single roll, 4 pack, 24 pack




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