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Health Bundle Pack


This AMAZING Health Bundle is perfect for the people suffering from sore muscles, sprained joints, people seeking additional support, diabetics, and people with edema and venous insufficiency.

Additionally, we recommend this bundle to all people new to the Healit brand!

This bundle has a total retail value of $68.90 but buy this bundle pack for only $62.01.

About HealiT Compression Wraps:

THE ULTIMATE COMPRESSION WRAPS FOR HEALTH AND FITNESS: When it comes to your health, the last thing you want is a bandage that is flimsy, poor quality, and cheap. Our 100% high quality cotton compression wraps are designed to increase blood flow and improve performance and recovery. That’s why our professional-grade, elastic compression bandages are designed for maximum protection and comfort for your full recovery, every time.

SAFE AND SIMPLE TO USE: All of our compression is a strong, durable, self-adhering, premium quality compression wrap that makes it easy to apply, tighten, or loosen the wrap without the need for pins or clips. Our wraps are slip resistant mitigating the risk for adjustments while its cohesive property means it won’t stick to other surfaces such as skin or hair making it pain-free to remove.

COMPRESS IN STYLE: Healit provides premium quality compression wraps and bandage without the lack luster style of other brands. Our stylish compression wraps come in beige, black, green and pink. Rock your health and fitness in style.

DID WE SAY IT’S REUSABLE: Healit compression wraps are 100% reusable. Not only are they water resistant, sweat resistant, and breathable, but they can be reused time and time again. Our premium self-adhering adhesive tape allows for you to remove the applied bandage, store it, and reapply at a later date

OUR QUALITY PROMISE: Buy once and buy right – don’t cut corners with your health with cheap and unsafe alternatives. Meticulously researched and developed by health and fitness professionals for use in the real world. Our unique compression wrap is strong and durable bandage, yet soft and easy to handle for instant practical use. Order now and enjoy total peace of mind with the best cohesive bandage for any health or fitness situation. We guarantee you’ll love the HealIt quality

Include in this incredible bundle: 

2 Healit Health SuperusGrip Circulation 2 Inch

2 Healit Health SafeGrip 2 Inch Beige or Black

2 Healit Health ShieldGrip 2 Inch Beige or Black

2 Healit Health SuperusGrip 2 Inch Beige or Black

2 Healit Health Handeze Comfort Medium Beige