New Year, New You

How to Conquer those New Year Resolutions:

We all start the new year with the best of intentions – to be a better, healthier and happy version of ourselves! But it takes real dedication to achieve those new year goals.

In this weeks Healit™ Self (and the first of 2019!) we are sharing 5 simple rules to help you stay on course for the better, healthier and happier version of you!

Define your goals and make them achievable:
The way we set out our new years resolutions determines how well we stick to them. If we are flippant in the way we set out our goals, we are more likely to stray from them.

Be sure to write down your new years resolutions and come up with a plan to achieve them. If they don’t feel achievable, it is more than likely that they aren’t. Be realistic, believe in your ability and by all means challenge yourself, but remember:

A new years resolution is earned, not given!

Breakdown your goals and keep a record of your progress:
How well are you getting on with your new years’ resolutions? Do they feel like a distant memory or a step too far?

Breaking your goals down into bite-sized targets is a sure fire way to achieve them. A number of smaller targets are more manageable than one huge task. Record your successes daily or weekly to help you realize what you have done.

Make the mountain into a molehill!

Keep a diary of targets and write yourself some inspirational notes:

We often set our new years resolutions during moments of inspiration, but we all know that moments of true inspiration don’t come along very often.

Capturing the essence of your inspiration through some carefully constructed notes can really help you along the way. If you have set your daily and weekly targets, a note to accompany them reminding you of your motivation can go a long way – You are inspiring to be inspired!

Don’t be too hard on yourself:
The best way to achieve your goals is to be positive. Rise to the challenge, don’t resent it. Remember, you are doing this to make yourself better, healthier and happier. If you don’t enjoy the challenge, you have already failed on one count!

This is your personal challenge and whilst it may be hard, it should be a positive experience.

You are doing something incredible… be proud!

Share your experiences and buddy up:
Sometimes it can be easy to cut corners. It is always a good idea to share your challenge with someone you trust. Having that little boost of motivation from somebody that wants the best for you can make all the difference!

We all need a little boost sometimes, especially when trying to break the habits of a lifetime.

A challenge shared is a challenge halved!

“Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.” (Willie Nelson, Musician)

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Good luck and Happy New Year.