New Englands Best Dog Walking Trails

New England is blessed with some of the most spectacular natural landscapes. The abundance of trails available means you can explore all the beauty New England has to offer all year round and take your four-legged friend on some of the most amazing dog walks known.

Obviously, Fall is one the most popular times to take the nature trails deep into the wilderness to absorb the most amazing colors of the foliage. Or take a coastal path and stand in awe at the views and the mighty power of the ocean.

There are so many trials to take that we could not possibly name them all so here are just a few of our favorites.

The Long Trail:
Running the length of the state of Vermont starting near to Williamstown this trail stretches an incredible 273 miles. It is the oldest long-distance trail in the USA. It traverses the Green Mountains and incorporates almost all of its peaks and summits.

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The Appalachian Trail:
Probably the most famous trail in the US, it takes its path for 2190 miles through 14 states. We are blessed with stages of the trail in 4 states:
Vermont – 150 miles through lush dense forests it coincides in places with The Long Trail.
Massachusetts – 91 miles incorporating the great Mount Greylock which from its 3491 ft summit you can see 90 miles on a clear day
New Hampshire – 161 miles and more miles above the tree-line than any where else. The White Mountains can be challenging so remember to prepare well.
Maine – Has the hardest mile of the whole trail: Mahoosuc Notch or follow the trail to the amazing Mount Katahdin

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Cape Cod National Seashore:
To experience sandy beaches and nature by the ocean, check out the 12 miles of trails that run from the National Seashore center. If you are taking your dog, check first which trails accept pets as not all of them do.

Lincoln woods Trail:
2.7 miles perfect for an easy walk and a lazy picnic. It tracks the beautiful Pemigewassat River and you can combine this with other trails in the White Mountains including the famous Franconia Brook Trail which is 7.2 miles of scenic mountains, waterfalls, and woodland.

The opportunities to get out and about are endless and perfect for sharing with our four-legged friends, but if you are considering venturing out remember to plan and prepare.

These trails can take you by surprise weather-wise, so ensure that you have protective wear for both you and your dog. Keep plenty of water on you, avoid the black flies, the heat, the crowds of summer and the mud season in April – May.

Always carry a first aid kit, include our Pet Wrap as it is easy to use in many situations and is light and easy to carry. For a cut paw or pulled muscle, it can help you back home. If you are going to walk with your dog unleashed hi-vis vests or the bright pet wrap can make sure your friend is seen and safe.

Finally be sure to respect the environment so it is there for all to enjoy – happy hiking