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Shin Splints: 2 ways

Inflammation of the tendons surrounding the shin bone. Worst case it can refer to a terrifying stress fracture along the tibia.

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First Way:
1. Wrap a Healit™ SafeGrip™ anchor around the bottom of the leg just above the ankle.
2. Wrap another anchor around the top of the calf (make sure you are flexing when applying this anchor or it will be too tight).
3. Take strips of Healit EasyRip™ Trainers Tape and attach to the bottom of the SafeGrip™. Pull it up and across attaching it to the top anchor at the calf.
4. Take another piece of EasyRip™ Trainers Tape and repeat, moving the tape up but still overlaying the previous piece by half.
5. Go the opposite direction with the strips of EasyRip™ Trainers Tape (essentially making an X across the front of the shin)
6. Take Healit™ ShieldGrip and start at the bottom and wrap around the shin covering the athletic tape all the way up to the anchor at the top of the calf.
6. Secure the self-adhesive Healit™ ShieldGrip™ to itself.

Second Way:
1. Take Healit™ SelfGrip® and wrap it around the leg starting at the bottom close to the ankle.
2. Wrap up and around the leg, overlapping the SelfGrip® by half as you move up towards the knee.
3. Apply more tension when pulling around the front.
4. End just below the knee (about 1-2inches).
5. Press the self-adhesive SelfGrip® to itself to secure.