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Achilles Tendinitis

Inflammation of the achilles tendon manifests itself as pain at the back of the lower leg. This can be caused by overuse, tight calves or a lack of appropriate support in your running shoes.

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1. Lie face down with the lower leg and foot relaxed.
2. Apply PRO-FOAM® onto the leg at mid-calf and wrap about 3-4 times around, going down the leg about 4 inches.
3. Apply three ‘anchors’ of EasyRip™ Trainer’s Tape on top of the PRO-FOAM® overlapping the tape by half.
4. Apply a strip of EasyRip™ Trainer’s Tape around the middle of the mid-foot (directly to skin, no PRO-FOAM®)
5. Take 2 pieces of ShieldGrip™ (about 8in long) and place one end of the first piece to the anchor at the mid-foot. Stretch the wrap to the top anchor. Repeat with the second piece.
6. Take 2 pieces of EasyRip™ Trainers Tape or ShieldGrip™ and secure the anchors at the top of the ShieldGrip™ with the first and around the mid-foot with the second.