How to Get a Green Thumb

How Does Your Garden Grow?
Do you ever pass by a garden that overflows with color and vibrancy and think to yourself ‘I wish I could do that but don’t know where to start?’ Well don’t look now, but you are about to start that journey into green fingered bliss as we post some helpful basics to get you started. Unless money is no object then almost every great garden is a result of careful planning, maintenance and patience!

Identify Your Plot:
Take a long hard look at the areas of your backyard. Where does the sun shine longest? Where are the shady spots? What is the soil like? (Cheap soil testing kits are a great help) How do the seasons affect your plot?

Make a Plan:
What do you really want? At this stage, there are a million things to think about; Lawn? Flowers? Easy maintenance? Party area? Vegetable plot? Child-friendly? Wildlife friendly? Pet-friendly? Do you want architectural structure or a small oasis?

Draw out your different zones and decide what you want in each one of them. Make a plan before splashing the cash on plants. It might be frustrating to wait but it will reap rewards in the end. Avoid impulse buying before you are ready!

The Right Tools:
So once you have answered these questions, you are almost ready to go! But first, let’s check you have the correct tools. Basic gardening tools don’t need to be expensive! Do you have:

– Spade
– Fork
– Hoe
– Wheelbarrow
– Gloves (a must)
– Secateurs
– Watering can or hose
– Rake
– Trowel or hand fork
– Healit™ garden tape

There are hundreds of other tools for almost everything imaginable but you don’t need to go over the top, start off with these and add to your kit later.

Startig out:
Its not glamorous and I know its tempting to just go ahead and get some plants and worry about the soil and weeds later. But honestly some hard work clearing weeds, improving soil and digging will bring benefits in the near future.

And our last of the basics…composting:
This is the gardeners greatest friend! Organic, easy to do and perfect for your beds and borders. Its simple if you follow a few pointers.

Compost has to heat to work, so don’t go too big, keep it to a simple square. It’s best to use a purpose made container or build one yourself:

– Stack in layers like a club sandwich – avoid concentration of any one ingredient
– Chuck in some soil to make a nice stating layer
– It will take 6 months, so start now and by Autumn you will have some great compost!

We are right behind you to help make the most of the plot you got. We can help give your plants the best possible chance without using plastics or damaging them.

With Healit™ wrap, there are many handy things you can use it for:

– Tie climbers to your trellis or fences
– Support tender branches such as tomatoes
– Stop low sprouts on plants to keep the top bushy
– Take grafts form shrubs, vines, and trees and use the wrap to introduce the new graft
– Got blisters from the hoe? Wrap some tape in the palm areas
– It’s green, environmentally friendly, biodegrades, stretches and allows the plants to breathe

So what are you waiting for? Head out into that garden and get green!

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