Healthy Body, Healthy You

When we started the Healit™ Self – Your Year in Fitness blog series, we set out to explore the benefits of fitness on your brain, heart, bones, and mind. The final edition in this series aims to bring everything we have learned together, so you can go on and practice what we preach with knowledge and understanding firmly behind you.

The Your Year in Fitness blog isn’t about turning you into Olympic champions, neither is it about creating a precession of gym bunnies. Rather, Your Year in Fitness is about engaging you around the day to day benefits of maintaining a good level of fitness and helping you to live well.

If you can remember the following principles in your daily lives, you can’t fail:

Healthy Body, Healthy Brain
Aerobically fit bodies are more energy efficient than those that are out of shape. The better your fitness, the better the blood flow cognitive function is. Simple!

Great Exercises: Cycling and Swimming
Great Foods: Walnuts, Spinach, Coffee, Avocados

Healthy Body, Healthy Heart:
Regular, well-programmed exercise strengthens the heart, reduces blood pressure and improves circulation. Therefore a strong heart means improved blood flow resulting in nutrient-rich, oxygenated muscles.

Great Exercises: Power Walking and Rowing
Great Foods: Tomatoes, Olive Oil, Salmon, Black Beans

Healthy Body, Healthy Bones:
By strengthening our bones we can help treat and prevent against osteoporosis while improving our coordination, balance, and confidence in our physical ability. A combination of high impact weight training and low impact conditioning are a great way to support your bone health.

Great Exercises: Weight Training, Tai Chi, Cross Fit and Stair Climbing
Great Foods: Spinach, Eggs, Milk, Sweet Potatoes

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind:
Exercise helps with depression by releasing endorphins, improves memory by increasing blood flow to the brain, gives the mind time to breathe by allowing us to switch off our everyday thoughts, and helps us to focus and achieve our goals by translating physical function into mental practice.

Great Exercises: Yoga, Pilates, and Jogging
Great Foods: Garlic, Beets, Oily Fish, Water

We hope our Your Year in Fitness series useful and inspired you to focus on the simple things that can be done to make a big difference in your recovery and day to day lives.

Being fit and healthy can be a way of life, rather than a chore, but to get to this mindset we must first appreciate that the struggle we may experience today is giving us the strength we need for tomorrow. Living well and being fit requires dedication and hard work but the rewards are great. It’s never too late to get into shape, so go forth and exercise!

Good luck and happy training!