Healit™ Launch Marine Tape For All Of Your Maritime Adventures

Regardless of the application, our unique compression wraps and tapes are designed to prepare, prevent, protect and perform. Whether it be the fender rope on your sailing boat, your pet’s paw or your prize-winning tomatoes, Healit™ has a solution for them all.

Our comprehensive systems of cooperative and easy to understand products enable you to tailor a system of wraps and tapes for whatever your needs may be. Over 70 years of design and innovation have helped to create the Healit™ range and through extensive research, we have adapted our trademarked taping systems for use in the marine environment.

Healit™ Marine Tape:
Our trusted Marine tape offers innovative water-resistant support no matter what the conditions. Marine Tape is a self-adhering tape ideal for repairing frayed lines and running minor repairs on marine equipment.

This highly durable tape inspires confidence when you need it most. Marine Tape is water resistant, easy to apply and leaves no adhesive residue on surfaces.

Benefits of Using Healit™ Marine Tape:

  • Easy to use and flexible
  • Tears easily to the desired length
  • Water resistant
  • Long lasting
  • Residue-free
  • Provides flexible support
  • Self-adhesive, no tying needed
  • Made in the USA

Come rain or shine, on land or at sea, we’ll help keep you safe and secure the Healit™ way.

To celebrate the launch of Healit™ Marine tape, for this month only we are running a competition for all you salty sea dogs. We want you to share your favorite maritime photos with us. The person sharing the best photo will win a years supply of Healit™ Marine Wrap. Simply post a photo on Instagram or Facebook with the @healitwrap handle.

Good luck and for now, safe sailing.