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Tennis Elbow: How to Tape it, An Image Guide

Lateral epicondylitis, also known as the tennis elbow, is a common injury when the elbow is overused during activity, typically from sports like tennis that involve a lot of arm movement.  A tennis elbow is a medical condition characterized by a sharp pain in the tendon located near the elbow...

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Compression Wrap vs Sleeves: Why You Should Use Wraps

When it comes to swelling, compression is the solution in almost all treatment cases. In this article we will talk about the diferences between compression wrap vs sleeves. Compression is necessary as a first aid response to injuries such as sprains and strains because it allows the damaged area to...

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Tape Your Achilles Tendon: A Step-By-Step Guide (Video Included)

The Achilles tendon is a vital part of your body that enables proper leg mobility and function. This tendon is named after the Greek mythological hero, Achilles, who had it as a week spot. To this day the Achilles tendon is an easily-injured part of the body. In this article...

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Compression Wrap For Knee Pain (Step-by-Step Guide)

Compression wraps are vital when it comes to alleviating swelling caused by minor injuries or knee pain. But they are more than just a first-aid tool: compression can be used routinely at home, at the gym, and even at work to help relieve pain and increase joint health. Why should...

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20 Insane Benefits of Using Compression Wraps

Benefits of using compression wraps are endless, and we are going to have a look at them in a moment, but first it's necessary to define what are they. What are compression wraps? Compression wraps are a therapeutic tool used mainly as an essential component to RICE, the gold standard...

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