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New Englands Best Dog Walking Trails

New England is blessed with some of the most spectacular natural landscapes. The abundance of trails available means you can explore all the beauty New England has to offer all year round and take your four-legged friend on some of the most amazing dog walks known. Obviously, Fall is one...

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Horsing Around: Treating Equine Injuries with Healit Wrap

Just like any other animal, Horses can get sick, hurt themselves, contract disease and even suffer from stress. It is important that we recognize early symptoms, slight changes in behavior or new habits. The No. 1 rule we must adhere to is always consulting a veterinarian in any cases where...

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Common Conditions in Cats

Cats...we just love them! In fact, in the last year, Americans owned 95.6 million cats domestically! That's ahead of dog ownership but pales into insignificance against the 139.3 million freshwater fish that we own! So could you name the most popular breeds of cat? Well, let's take a quick rundown...

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Common Conditions in Pets

We love our four-legged friends. They give us joy, unconditional love, and trust. But have you ever taken a moment to think just how much they depend on us for their health and well-being? They count on us for warmth, shelter, food, water, exercise, and care when they need it....

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