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Let’s Get Fruity

Fruit is one of the most rewarding things you can grow, the trees provide year-round interest and during the fruiting season the most wonderful edible delights. They are a long term investment in your time and in your garden, but the rewards are huge. Aside from the immediate eating pleasure...

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Climbers and an intro to Seeds of Change

Something strange is happening around us. Summer is finally here and the fruits of our labor are beginning to bloom. As we toil away, our climbing plants are slowly reaching upwards and starting to bow with the weight of the blooms. To obtain a profusion of blooms it’s essential that...

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How to Get a Green Thumb

How Does Your Garden Grow? Do you ever pass by a garden that overflows with color and vibrancy and think to yourself 'I wish I could do that but don’t know where to start?' Well don’t look now, but you are about to start that journey into green fingered bliss...

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How Does Your Garden Grow: The New England Growing Year

We don’t know about you, but when we look out of our window during these cold winter months, we see our once vibrant gardens looking forlorn and unloved. Bedding plants have died back, perennials are now no more than twigs in the ground and the grass looks worn out and...

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New Garden, Old Species!

As we see out the last of these horrid winter storms (hopefully!) and open our doors to our gardens in 2018 (ever so slightly) we can turn our attention to sunnier days ahead. It might be chilly outside now but the growing season will soon be upon us. Even though...

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Now You Can Use Healit™ Wrap in your Garden

Regardless of the application, our unique compression wraps and tapes are designed to prepare, prevent, protect and perform, whether it be the fender rope on your sailing boat, your pet’s paw or your prize-winning tomatoes, Healit™ now has a solution for them all! Our comprehensive systems of cooperative and easy...

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